Aggregate state debt of Ukraine is almost 100 billion dollars

The state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine at the end of 2020 amounted to UAH 2.56 trillion, or $90.3 billion. This is stated in the data of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

So, as of December 31, 2020, the state and state guaranteed debt amounted to UAH 2.56 trillion. Of this, external debt is 59.5%, or UAH 1.52 trillion ($53.7 billion), and domestic debt is UAH 1.03 trillion ($36.5 billion).

The state debt of Ukraine amounted to UAH 2.3 trillion (88.53% of the total amount of public and state-guaranteed debt) or $79.90 billion. Of these, external debt – UAH 1.3 trillion, domestic – UAH 1 trillion.

The state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine amounted to UAH 292.70 billion (11.47%) or $10.35 billion, including: state-guaranteed external debt – UAH 260.41 billion (10.20%) or $9.21 billion, domestic – UAH 32.29 billion (1.27%) or USD 1.14 billion.


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