Nikkei: Germany to send a warship on a long-term mission to the Pacific

According to the newspaper, the German frigate will conduct joint exercises with the fleets of friendly countries

The German Defense Ministry intends to send a warship to the Indian and Pacific Ocean zone on a long-term mission from this summer to demonstrate its presence and strengthen military contacts with Japan, Australia and South Korea. This was reported Tuesday by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, citing the German military establishment. According to these reports, a frigate of the FRG Navy will take part in the mission.

The newspaper calls sending this ship to Pacific waters an unprecedented gesture aimed, in particular, at curbing China’s military activity on major transport lines linking East Asia with Europe.

The German frigate is expected to conduct joint exercises with the navies of friendly countries.

According to Nikkei, the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth will also be sent to the Pacific in April-June with escort ships.


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