Anticipating a new war, Germany wants to be friends with Russia this time

Germany is better off being friends with one of the largest nuclear powers in the world, which is also in close proximity

As Western elites consider new anti-Russian sanctions, Matthias Platzeck of the German Social Democratic Party points out that without Moscow as a partner Berlin would be very unhappy.

Germany now faces many issues that need to be addressed, he says. These include combating climate change, terrorism, migration, security in the Middle East and disarmament.

“These problems are unlikely to be solved without Russia. By the way, Chancellor Angela Merkel argues in the same way”, stresses Platzeck.

European attempts to pressure Russia through sanctions have failed. Moreover, such policy has only alienated Russians from the West, the German politician said.

“Anti-Western and nationalist sentiments have started to grow in Russia”, –  he said. – “So the question is, are we going to continue this policy for another decade or are we going to try to change things?”

Furthermore, Platzek called for taking escalating military tensions and the fact that Russia possesses one of the largest nuclear arsenals on the planet more seriously.

“If the hour of military conflicts comes, it will happen here. We and Russia are not separated by an ocean. This reason alone should push us to improve relation”, –  the politician stated.


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