People see that Sandu has failed – the month of the presidency of the western protégé was assessed in Moldova

The victory of Maia Sandu in the presidential elections in Moldova was the beginning of another political crisis in the country.

5911598 10.06.2019 Премьер-министр Молдавии Майя Санду на заседании кабинета министров в парламенте Молдавии в Кишиневе. Парламент Молдавии признал незаконным решение Конституционного суда о его роспуске и отстранении от должности президента страны И. Додона. Мирослав Ротарь / Sputnik

As previously reported by News Front, Sandu took the lead in the republic, beating Igor Dodon in the elections largely thanks to the votes of the representatives of the diaspora. Sandu went to the polls after leaving the post of prime minister with a scandal. The expert community believed that Sandu took such a step, since she could not cope with her duties.

The opinion is supported by the way Sandu behaves in the office of president. Oleg Lipsky, a member of the Moldovan parliament, calls the first month of Sandu’s presidency a failure. She even ignored her own campaign promises.

“Maia Sandu demanded the resignation of [Ion] Chicu’s government both during and after the election. A month after her resignation, Maia Sandu still did not offer her candidacy for the post of prime minister. She promised to propose a team of professionals after her election. People see that Sandu has failed on her promise to offer such a team”, – Lipsky said.


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