IT giants continue to block accounts – Pushkov

Senator Alexei Pushkov in his Telegram channel spoke about the new blocking of Google and Facebook. This time, Instagram blocked the story of Olympic champion Tatiana Navka, which tells about unauthorized actions that took place in several cities of Russia on Saturday.

“For reasons I didn’t understand, Instagram restricted direct access with the phrase “potentially inappropriate content”. For some reason, only in the video, where “peaceful” protesters throw everything that is at hand at the calmly standing representatives of the law and order, smash windows, cars, agitators call for even more active action, creating even greater disorder”, – Navka wrote.

Senator Alexei Pushkov noted that complaints continue to come from many social media users. The issues of the analytical program “Postscript” were also blocked.

“To three issues of my analytical program “Postscript” – two years old and from 26.12.2020 – YouTube limited access for completely incomprehensible reasons. Roskomnadzor’s submissions remain unanswered. It is already clear that the IT giants will not abandon this practice. The latest blocking is another confirmation of this. It’s time to move on to a system of strict penalties for each blocking”, – the politician said.


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