Igor Ortsev: The more absurd the attacks of the West, the more real the sovereignty of Russia

Rallies in support of the Russian protests on January 23 were held in a number of foreign countries. Their participants, as a rule, come from Russia or the USSR. The real organizers of the support actions are, of course, the same as those of the protests in Russia. Which, in fact, they themselves absolutely do not hide. And the Russian Maidan is no different from others

Igor Ortsev: The more absurd the attacks of the West, the more real the sovereignty of Russia

We remember how the Libyans came out in other countries demanding the resignation of Gaddafi, as the Syrians all over the world demanded from Assad, and from Yanukovych the Ukrainians – from Canada to Italy. The Belarusian emigration has recently noted the same. And the whole world, represented by the Western media, has always been with them. Nothing new. The manual is old, but as long as it works. And no interference in the internal affairs of other states, of course.

I’m just wondering what the “democratic world” would say to a protest in Moscow, where the protesters of the Russian Federation would call, say, the Israeli prime minister a thief and demand his resignation along with the release of some detained Israeli criminal?

This is the kind of question that my friend, an Israeli citizen, asked his work colleague, who admired the local anti-Putin action in support of Navalny – they say, well done “ours” also tried to teach the tyrant a lesson.

It’s not hard to guess what my friend heard in response. Of course it was “this is different” in one of the available versions.

But my friend decided not to stop and asked the next question. He asked a colleague, how is he, who left Russia during Yeltsin’s time, being harmed by Putin and Russia in general, which is well fed now? How Putin and his “palaces” affect his current life, despite the fact that for at least six months, surrounding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s villa, his fellow citizens – Israelis – have been revolting, accusing their prime minister of all mortal sins, and in parallel they are marching one after the other lawsuits against the prime minister, and wouldn’t it be better to take part in real protests that affect your life, and not the lives of citizens of distant Russia?

But real fighters for all good things against all bad things cannot be easily taken!

“How can I not care about Russia, if my brother lives there, who does not even live, but exists on the unfortunate 17 thousand rubles a month?!”, – my friend’s opponent boiled. And then an avid with passion”has already begun.

In the course of clarifying the circumstances of the “beggarly existence” of the Russian brother, it turned out that the brother “injects” as much as ten days a month on a salary of 17 thousand rubles. Simply put, he works as a security guard in a private security company – two days later. The paradox is that my Israeli friend and his colleague are doing the same – with the only difference that they are on duty at least 12 hours a day, with one day off a week. And then the “control in the head” followed. My friend just asked his colleague if he was offered in Israel the same work schedule as his brother in Russia, he would agree to it, would he earn a lot and not look for a part-time job in that case? It was here that a mute scene followed with urgent matters, for which a colleague hurried to leave.

Of course, we are not talking about the same standard of living in Russia and Israel, but if the Russian brother had been trained to the attitude to work, as it was done with his Israeli brother in a foreign land, he would definitely find a way to get twice as much. And it’s not about the conversation that, having changed your place of residence by default, you should not be interested in what is happening in your homeland, just this interest can be expressed in different forms. In a word, there is a classic parable about the beam in the eye. And also – like an elephant is inflated from a fly.

That is, with the help of fakes inflated in the media, they demonize Russia, or rather its leadership, with maximum involvement in the process of the widest masses – from Russian schoolchildren to immigrants of venerable age. Or does it only seem to us that the poisoning without proof, and then the detention, which was provoked by the patient himself, knowing full well that it could not have been otherwise, are not at all grounds for a world revolt? Or have we missed something, and “the whole world” in a single impulse removed the Saudi dynasty from the throne, first accusing an opposition journalist of a brutal dismembered murder, then finishing off with a demonstration of exorbitant luxury in which the regime bathes?

Touching slightly on the topic of Russian emigration in Israel, I involuntarily recalled the memoirs of some Soviet dissident, in particular, the story of how they fled through Austria to Israel from the USSR in the 70s. There was a whole kitchen there, which, naturally, was run by the Americans. So, in order to get on the embassy list of political emigrants, who were then helped in every possible way by “Western human rights activists”, they had to somehow appear. For example, go out with a one-man picket, condemning the Soviet system, write an article on the same topic, publicly speak out against the Soviet regime. Naturally, every such story was immediately blown up through the Western media, and the emigration applicant could count on his dream to come true. For the applicant, the main thing was not to overdo it, so as not to end up on a bunk in a Soviet slammer, instead of a comfortable seat of an airliner heading for Vienna, so they shit on instructions, in small doses.

Interestingly, so many years have passed since then, and our sworn friends have the same approaches to business. And easier – methods of working with agents. And it doesn’t matter who the “people with bright faces” demand to remove – Brezhnev or Putin, telling from abroad how to equip Russia – the ultimate goal of this activity is the destruction of Russia, or its transformation into a colony in the image and likeness of modern Ukraine.

The only big difference between this eternal process is that the Soviet Union, unlike modern Russia, had much more ways than to respond to foreign intervention, since it was not included in the global financial and economic system of the West, and he himself did not hesitate to interfere in the internal affairs of others. states. And this is called real sovereignty.

It is precisely to him that Russia is striving now, and all the attacks from the West only demonstrate how this process is going: that is, the more claims the West has against Russia and the more absurd they are, the stronger is Russian sovereignty. Inevitably, this process leads to the fact that the time is not far off when Russia will build a new, its own “iron curtain”. And this will be the only logical conclusion of the current relationship with the West. Because no good relations with the “civilized world” are worth what our people experienced in the 90s. And it is a pity that some former Soviet citizens have lost not only their memory, but also their conscience in a foreign land. Like that colleague of my friend’s work, who escaped from Yeltsin’s “saints of the nineties”, but advocates that they return to Russia again, and his brother, instead of the guaranteed 17 thousand rubles for ten days of work a month, would receive a salary in crystal vases or “Singed” vodka, while following the course of the war in the Caucasus.

Igor Orcev, specially for News Front


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