Expert: Moldova put an end to all languages ​​except Romanian

Journalist Yevgeny Cheban commented on the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova on the law on the functioning of languages ​​in the country.

“The Constitutional Court not only canceled the new law “On the Functioning of Languages” adopted by the parliament in haste, the court made it impossible to adopt such a law in the future. The Constitutional Court ruled that no other language can have the same status as the state “Romanian” language”, – Ceban said.

In his opinion, the decision of the Constitutional Court puts an end to the attempts to build a “multi-ethnic civil nation” in Moldova.

“Therefore, any attempts to adopt a new organic law that contradicts these conclusions of the Constitutional Court will look like a populist provocation aimed at further inciting ethnic hatred. Because such a law will easily be challenged in the same Constitutional Court and canceled”, – the journalist said.


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