The US has sent its aircraft carrier group to the South China Sea

The Indo-Pacific Command of the US Armed Forces has said that it is a planned redeployment of US 7th Fleet forces to maintain freedom of navigation at sea


Interfax-Ukraine reported on Sunday, citing The Japan Times, the Pentagon sent an aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt into the South China Sea the day before – the same day that Taiwan authorities said 12 Chinese Air Force aircraft flew near the island.

“The US Navy group crossed the Luzon Strait, which lies between Taiwan and the Philippines, last Saturday. On the same day, Taiwanese authorities reported that eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, among others, and four PRC Air Force fighter jets entered Taiwan’s south-eastern air defence identification zone during the flight. In doing so, the US ships came within range of Chinese supersonic anti-ship YJ-12 air-launched cruise missiles, which may have been on Chinese Air Force aircraft”, –  the Japanese newspaper noted.

The US State Department urged the PRC to stop all pressure on Taipei after the PRC Air Force aircraft flew near Taiwan. State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US “will continue to support the peaceful resolution of issues related to the Taiwan Strait in accordance with the wishes and best interests of the people of Taiwan. “+


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