Pushkov: disappointment in Biden administration will only increase

Alexei Pushkov believes that Biden’s coming to power in the United States will not guarantee the country the unity that the former vice president in the Obama administration said much about during his inauguration speech

The senator commented on the decision of the new U.S. president to close the Keystone XL pipeline project, which was to connect Canada’s largest oil-producing province of Alberta with refineries in the Gulf Coast, adding that the decision of the new White House will lead to the loss of several thousand jobs in the United States.

In particular, the International Labor Union of North America (LIUNA), which backed Biden in the election, called the Democratic president’s decision “insulting and regrettable” for thousands of workers in the US.

“It will be another day in the US: the frustration with this administration will only grow”, –  Pushkov stressed.

“It came on a wave of unreasonable expectations of half the country and against the consent of the other half. A rattling mixture,” he added.


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