How do Germans actually react to the protests in Moscow?

On Saturday, uncoordinated rallies are taking place in the capital and other Russian cities, which Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has called unacceptable

German citizens do not believe the Western media’s tales of police brutality in Russia. They are convinced that the protesters are treated peacefully.

In social networks, many people compare the law enforcers of both countries, emphasising the rudeness of German law enforcers.

“They should take an example from Germany, I remember in Berlin they also used water cannons at the Reichstag.”

“This reminds me a lot of the events in Berlin in November. Where are the water cannons?”

“If there’s an unauthorised demonstration in Berlin and the government doesn’t suit its purpose, everyone gets arrested. It’s not the same with us as it is with Putin.”

Users also don’t understand the reasons for the protest and believe the aggressive media are making a big deal out of it:

“Again they are trying to sell us a screaming minority as a majority.”

“What are they protesting against? They don’t like living in a peaceful and calm country?”

“10,000 (if they’re not lying) out of 145 million? And that’s worth paying attention to? Well, of course Trump is gone – a new enemy is urgently needed.”
Another user left a comment below that the demonstrators were not 10,000 but only 5,000.

During the rallies, law enforcement officers hand out protective masks to the demonstrators. Through a loudspeaker, citizens are reminded of the need to observe preventative measures and a safe distance.

“Well … If someone started such a protest against our government, it would be immediately banned because of COVID. People are being heard there. What’s wrong?” the users are perplexed


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