Duda: I call on Biden to increase US military presence in Poland

Andrzej Duda said Warsaw is calling on US President Joe Biden to increase the number of US ground troops on its territory

The Polish president announced that he had received a response from President Biden after congratulations were sent to him. Duda said that the new White House president thanked the Polish president for his congratulations and expressed his willingness to cooperate.

“Since 2015, the trend in Polish-American relations has been growing. It was President Barack Obama who decided that there would be American troops in Poland and the United States would be a framework country in terms of a presence on the eastern flank”, –  Duda said.

According to Duda, the change of administration in Washington would not affect the presence of US troops in Poland, for example.

“There would be no such presence if it was not in the strategic interests of the US. I have no doubt that nothing should change. I urge President Biden to increase this presence even further”, –  the Polish president said.


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