NYT: Trump was considering replacing the head of the US Justice Department to overturn election results

According to the publication’s sources, the former U.S. leader was developing a corresponding plan with one of the agency’s top officials, Jeffrey Clarke

Republican Donald Trump had been considering replacing the acting U.S. attorney general in his final weeks in office to have the results of the Georgia presidential election annulled. This is according to an article published in the electronic version of The New York Times on Friday.

According to the paper’s sources, Trump was working on a plan to do so with one of the agency’s top officials, Jeffrey Clarke. The Republican, who was the US chief of staff at the time, was considering the possibility of retiring Jeff Rosen, who became acting secretary of justice, the US attorney general, after William Barr left the post in late December. Trump was allegedly prepared to appoint Clarke to the post Rosen held.


According to the paper, Trump intended to use the US Justice Department to “force Georgia lawmakers to overturn the results of the presidential election” in the state. According to the results, Democrat Joe Biden won by a narrow margin.

According to the publication, several key US DOJ officials have made it clear that they would resign if Rosen was fired. Trump allegedly rejected the plan because of this.


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