Foreign Ministry responds sharply to US statement on illegal actions in Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry, commenting on a US embassy publication on uncoordinated rallies in Russia, called on US colleagues to attend to their own problems and not interfere in the internal affairs of other states

Earlier, the US diplomatic mission, amid reports about illegal actions in Russia, stated that it was following “reports about protest actions in 38 Russian cities”. The US embassy added that it “supports the right of all people to peaceful protests, freedom of expression”, while measures by the Russian authorities are allegedly “aimed at suppressing those rights”. Earlier, riots occurred in Washington, D.C., where police detained people dissatisfied with the results of the US presidential election. But the US embassy did not comment on these events.

“Take care of your own problems and stop interfering in the internal affairs of other states”, –  the Russian foreign ministry said in a Facebook post.

The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow wrote nothing during the January 6 demonstrations in Washington and the storming of the Capitol and did not motivate “its citizens for peaceful protests” or condemn the murders during the riots and the detention of over 100 people. The agency added that the US ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, then called what happened a “criminal attack”.

“The whole planet saw your government turn a peaceful protest into a ‘non-peaceful’ one when police started shooting at demonstrators. And then the US government called the actions of peaceful American protesters an “attack on democracy”. Hypocrisy is a tool of US diplomacy that has become particularly dangerous during the covid epidemic”, –  the Russian Foreign Ministry said.


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