Democratic leader says Senate process to impeach Trump will begin after February 8

Chuck Schumer also confirmed that the impeachment resolution will go to the Senate on January 25

The impeachment trial of already former President Donald Trump in the US Senate will begin after February 8. This was announced on Friday by the leader of the Democratic majority in the upper chamber, Chuck Schumer (from the state of New York). are drafted, the parties will proceed with their arguments in the week that begins on February 8, he said, speaking at the upper house. The broadcast was carried by C-SPAN television channel.

Schumer also confirmed that Trump’s impeachment resolution will go to the Senate on January 25: “House prosecutors will come to read the impeachment article at 7pm on Monday, January 25.”

“After that, both the prosecutors from the House of Representatives and the defence will have a period of time to compose their statements, as they have done during previous trials. During this period, the Senate will continue to deal with other matters <…> including the confirmation of cabinet nominees and the pandemic coronavirus relief bill”, –  Schumer clarified.

On Thursday, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (from Kentucky) sent Schumer his version of a timetable for the impeachment proceedings. Under McConnell’s proposal, House prosecutors would have been required to hand the impeachment articles to senators on January 28. Trump would have had until February 4 to respond to the charges, by which date the House of Representatives would have provided its statements on the case. By February 11, Trump’s lawyers would have sent their written statement to the Senate. The trial itself was supposed to begin after February 13. Speaking to the Senate on Friday, McConnell said Republicans were still in favour of sending the impeachment article to the upper chamber on Thursday, 28 January.


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