Biden says US economic crisis is deepening

Strong and urgent measures are needed, says US president

The economic crisis in the United States caused by the coronavirus pandemic is deepening and strong and urgent action is needed to deal with it. US President Joseph Biden said on Friday.

“The crisis is only deepening. The situation is not improving, it [the crisis] is only deepening”, –  he admitted. –  “Yesterday we learned that another 900,000 Americans have applied for unemployment benefits”, –  the president said.

He said the state must help citizens in these circumstances, not only because it is a “moral obligation”, but also because it is an “urgent economic necessity”.

“We need to act, we need to act right now”, –  the American leader stressed. –  “We need to act boldly and decisively”, –  Biden added.

The US leader also signed two new executive orders aimed at mitigating the impact of the pandemic on US residents. One relates to emergency relief measures for working families affected by the crisis. The second is a minimum wage for federal employees and contractors. It should be $15 an hour. They must also be given “paid emergency leave”.


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