Washington hospitality: National Guard fighters forced out of Congress building to spend the night outside

When the need for Capitol security was exhausted, the soldiers, who had been sleeping on the floor in the hallways for a fortnight, were literally kicked out onto the street

As News Front reported earlier, on January 6, mass protests by conservatives against the recognition of the results of the presidential election took place in Washington. The rally ended with an assault on the US Congress building, after which the National Guard was dispatched there.

Even after Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony took place and the threat of riots subsided, Capitol Police ordered the soldiers to be driven out of the building. This happened on Thursday. As one of the guardsmen told Politico, the order took the military by surprise as temperatures in Washington approached zero.

“Until yesterday, dozens of senators and congressmen were passing by our ranks, taking pictures with us, shaking hands and thanking us for our service. Within twenty-four hours, they didn’t need us and kicked us out. It felt as if we had been betrayed,” the soldier told reporters.

It was only after the incident was reported in the media that lawmakers reconsidered their approach.

“Made some calls and was informed that the Capitol Police had apologised to the Guardsmen and they would be allowed back into the compound”, –  said Senator Tammy Duckworth.


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