“‘The country remains in the grip of a pandemic’ – Britain’s strict quarantine will drag on until summer

Boris Johnson’s government has realised that hopes of lifting restrictions by April pale in the face of alarming death figures from the coronavirus

As News Front reported earlier, the United Kingdom was among the countries worst hit by the coronavirus. The reason for this was too late and incompetent reaction of the government to the spread of the deadly virus. After months of desperate attempts to bring the situation under control, the authorities were the first in the world to allow the controversial Pfizer vaccine to be used on a mass scale. Despite this, 1,800 people died in Britain on Wednesday 20 January. The figure was a record high.

Against this backdrop, neither Prime Minister Boris Johnson nor Home Secretary Priti Patel are any longer promising citizens to lift quarantine restrictions in April. Presumably, the quarantine will last until the summer. Moreover, the authorities have tightened enforcement of the current restrictions due to fears of people breaking the rules.

In particular, those who attend house parties will be fined £800 [$1,000].

“It is too early to say or even speculate when we will be able to lift the restrictions”, –  Patel said. – “This country remains in the grip of a pandemic.”


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