Sandu, who promised democracy to Moldovans, creates secret police force

The policies of Moldova’s new president, Maia Sandu, are increasingly reminiscent of the methods of the usurper Vladimir Plahotniuc, who fled the country in 2019

Thus, Sandu’s administration and the president personally have become brazen in exceeding their powers, the Sinteza news portal reported, citing sources in the Security and Information Service.

Sandu has made enquiries to the ISS that do not fit the legal framework. In particular, she demanded that her political opponents be monitored. A source of journalists has admitted that the security forces have already started checking representatives of local authorities, where members of the Party of Socialists predominate.

The information was confirmed by two mayors from the northern part of the country. They have been approached by the ISS for reports, including financial activities.

“What is happening now, this was not the case even in Plahotniuc’s time. President Maia Sandu wants to turn us into a political police force, which worries many officers who are honestly doing their duty”, –  a source told reporters.


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