Biden’s inauguration ceremony was not without scandal

Ukrainian video blogger Oleksandr Medinsky has reported that YouTube was dishing out dislikes during the live broadcast of Biden’s inauguration ceremony, he wrote on Telegram

The blogger pointed out that the video of Biden’s inauguration ceremony somehow miraculously saw less “discontent”, 13,000 instead of 17,000.

It should be added that you can follow the number of dislikes below the video.

Medinski said that if something like this happens in the United States, they certainly will not ceremonize with us.

“You don’t think they’re not going to dicker with Navalny and pessimize his critics? It’s obvious that the monopoly of the social networks is aimed at manipulating society. And it’s one thing to have a showdown in the United States, but with us he is. They are definitely not going to be censured”, –  the Ukrainian video blogger said.


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