While the American vaccine kills people, the EU is promoting the Russian Sputnik V

Germany is ready to lobby Russia’s interests in the European market of vaccines against COVID-19, which is currently dominated by the infamous drug of the American company “Pfizer”.

From the very beginning, the American vaccine was questionable. Initially, they concerned the storage conditions. The drug retained its properties at a storage temperature of about -70 degrees Celsius. With the introduction of the vaccine, there were other problems.

The first country to allow vaccination with the Pfizer drug was the United Kingdom. There were also the first side effects. Allergy sufferers faced problems, and as a result, they were even recommended to refrain from vaccination. Since then, problems with the drug have occurred in Germany, Greece, and Israel. In the United States, the vaccine has killed at least 55 people.

Against this background, the issue of diversification of coronavirus vaccines in the European market has become urgent, and Germany is ready to promote the Russian development. Although the drug “Sputnik V” has been fiercely criticized in the West, it is now being successfully implemented both in Russia and abroad. In particular, the creators of the vaccine applied for approval to the European Medical Agency, and here Angela Merkel offered her help.

“Russia has now applied to the European Medical Agency. And I suggested that our Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is our institute, could support Russia in this procedure”, – the German Chancellor said, noting that she considers the Russian vaccine a “good” drug.


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