Trump still not removed – Biden hopes the Senate will support impeachment

The procedure for removing Donald Trump from the duties of the US president continues, although Joe Biden has already occupied the White House the day before.

The Democrats initiated the second impeachment of Trump after the American conservatives stormed the US Congress building. The relevant resolution was quickly approved in the House of Representatives, but the Senate’s consideration of the case requires more time. As a result, the impeachment process continues even after Biden’s inauguration.

“We are confident that the Senate can fulfill its constitutional duties while continuing to conduct the affairs of the American people”, – commented the odious Jen Psaki, who became a spokeswoman for the Biden administration.

According to her, the impeachment procedure will continue. According to the rules, the Senate will begin the trial in this case the day after the indictment. However, it is worth noting that the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has not yet sent the necessary documentation to the Senate.


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