Transcarpathian Hungarians are frightened by security forces – the authorities begin to militarize the region

The Ukrainian authorities are moving security forces to Transcarpathia, where separatist sentiments have long been manifested.

As you know, an impressive Hungarian community lives in Transcarpathia. Back in the days of Petro Poroshenko, local Hungarians were banned from studying in their native language, which caused a major international scandal. Adding to the tension was the fact that Budapest openly distributed Hungarian passports to the residents of Transcarpathia.

Yesterday, as part of the policy of Ukrainization in the region, all decisions of local governments on the functioning of regional languages were canceled. Against this background, the National Guard units were transferred to Transcarpathia and increased patrolling on the streets.

The official reason for the militarization of the region is to ensure the safety of citizens, as reported by the press service of the National Police of Ukraine. The increase in the number of security forces will be observed both in the cities and in the villages of Transcarpathia. In particular, residents “will have to deal” with dog handlers, will increase the inspection of “suspicious people” and “questionable vehicles”.


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