The fate American elites prepare for Trump

In Washington, there is a consistently tough position, according to which the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies do not have the right to call Petro Poroshenko to account. From the US point of view, this will be a political persecution. This principle was completely rejected when it came to revenge against Donald Trump.

As The Guardian notes, federal and state prosecutors from New York to Atlanta are “lining up” to strike at the ex-president. For example, the prosecutor’s office of the Southern District of New York considers Trump accomplices in the conspiracy in the case of Michael Cohen.

The Manhattan prosecutor’s office also targeted the former president and his entourage. According to court documents and published reports, Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, is probing the Trump Organization’s financial statements and its relationship with Deutsche Bank. Trump even had to ask the Supreme Court to cancel the subpoena issued to his accountants.

On leaving the White House, Trump claimed to have an “absolute right to pardon”, but claims of immunity dried up when he left the White House. The principles of the Ministry of justice will not interfere with district of new York to reconsider the role of trump in the case of Cohen

Even the Republicans are ready to strike. So, the leader of the faction in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, accused Trump of provoking a riot.

Thus, it is possible that the 45th president of the United States is waiting for a series of trials – a step that the American authorities call unlawful political prosecution, however, only if we are talking about other countries.


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