Merkel says she will negotiate with Biden on Nord Stream-2

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the US sanctions policy and announced plans to discuss the situation around the Nord Stream-2 with the new US administration.

As previously reported by News Front, the construction of the gas pipeline was suspended after Washington approved punitive measures against companies involved in the project in December 2019. The sanctions pressure continues to this day. For example, the ship “Fortuna” and its owner “KVT-Rus” were blacklisted by the United States.

Extraterritorial sanctions, which are abused by the United States, “are not the norm”, Merkel said, stressing that she has not changed her position on the Nord Stream-2.

“I have not changed my basic opinion on the Nord Stream-2, it was important for me that Ukraine received the gas contract and we, of course, will discuss this with the new American administration”, – the German Chancellor said.


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