Can American F-35 fighter survive against Russian Su-57 – the National Interest

Mark Episkopos, a military expert for The National Interest, believes that the American fighter is inferior to the Russian one.

According to the expert, the American F-35 fighter will be able to survive in the battle against the Russian Su-57 only if it tries not to engage in an air duel.

“In all likelihood, the F-35, caught in this contrived, hypothetical situation, would use its advantage in some stealth functions to try to evade the approaching Su-57”, – Episkopos said.

According to him, the aerial duel between the two fighters “does not correspond to the realities of modern war”, as this scenario implies the prospect of “a major war between NATO and Russia”.

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation fighter that was developed as a better replacement for the Su-27 fighter. The aircraft has an aviation 30-mm cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition. Due to its super-maneuverability, the fighter is capable of performing complex aerobatics.


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