Biden put an end to Trump’s wall – the first decrees of the new US president

US federal agencies have been ordered to review and reverse more than a hundred of Donald Trump’s environmental decisions.

On the first day of the presidency, Democrat Joe Biden issued 17 executive orders, most of which involve reviewing the policies of the previous administration.

Biden ordered to strengthen measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. For example, for 100 days in government buildings, on state land, and at government contractor facilities, it is strongly recommended to wear masks and maintain distance.

Biden canceled the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization. The head of the American delegation to the WHO will be the chief infectious disease specialist of the United States Anthony Fauci.

The United States has established a post of pandemic response coordinator, reporting directly to the President.

The moratorium on eviction has been extended until March 31.

The deferral in the payment of student loans and interest for Americans on federal student loans has been extended until September 30.

Within 30 days, the US will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Keystone XL pipeline, which was supposed to pump oil from Canada to refineries in the United States, is being shut down.

US federal agencies have been ordered to review and reverse more than a hundred of Donald Trump’s environmental decisions.

The work of Commission No. 1776 is being terminated, and the agencies have been instructed to review their actions to ensure racial equality.

The rule that prevents discrimination in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity has been preserved.

Introduced a requirement that non-citizens be included in the census and the distribution of representatives in Congress.

The policy of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is being strengthened after Trump’s attempts to repeal the protection of illegal minors.

The Trump administration’s restrictions on entry to the United States for passport holders from seven Muslim-majority countries are being lifted.

The expansion of the Trump administration’s immigration control in the United States is canceled.

The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico is being stopped.

The postponement of deportation and work permits for Liberians with asylum in the United States is extended until June 30, 2022.

The Director of the Budget Management Office is instructed to develop recommendations for the modernization of regulatory control, and the regulatory approval process is canceled.


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