After Biden’s inauguration, there were riots in Seattle and Portland

The police departments of Seattle and Portland on Twitter reported that representatives of left-wing movements staged riots after the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden, reports TASS.

According to Fox News, in Seattle, protesters gathered in the center, destroyed the Amazon store and the courthouse, and burned the American flag. Representatives of law enforcement agencies detained two people.

The protesters in Portland shouted that “they don’t want Biden, they want justice”. A group of 150 people trashed the office of the Democratic Party. The police detained 8 people, after which the rest of the protesters dispersed. Also in Portland, stones and bottles were thrown at the building of the US Immigration and Customs Service.

The inauguration ceremony of Democrat Joe Biden took place on January 20. It passed without any incidents, as from January 6 in Washington, increased security measures were introduced.


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