Washington prepares for Biden’s inauguration

The capital of the United States resembles a fortress in which tens of thousands of security personnel are called upon to ensure the safety of Joe Biden and his guests.

According to the German Der Spiegel, the countdown has begun before the change of government in the United States: the future US President Joe Biden, on the eve of his inauguration, went to the capital of the country, Washington.

There, the police and the National Guard are already on high alert. In an emotional speech, 78-year-old Biden said goodbye to the residents of his home state of Delaware on the east coast of the United States.

“I am proud to be the son of Delaware,” Biden said through tears at the National Guard base in New Castle, after which he and his wife Jill flew to Washington.

The inauguration of the US president is always accompanied by huge security measures, but in the case of Biden, these measures were dramatically tightened after supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in early January. Fearing renewed violence from radical supporters of the president-elect, thousands of police officers and more than 25,000 guardsmen guard Biden’s inauguration ceremony. This is more than three times the number of soldiers currently deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia. They are designed to support the forces of the Capitol Police, the Secret Service, the city police and other departments.


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