Ukrainians commented on the reasons for the refusal of the authorities from the Russian vaccine “Sputnik-V”

While the leaderships of other countries are doing everything to save their people from the coronavirus, Ukrainian officials are working in a completely opposite direction, and they are doing it with an eye to the United States. People cannot find another explanation for the fact that the authorities have refused to produce the Sputnik V vaccine in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the journalists of one of the Ukrainian TV channels following a survey among the population.

“We must start producing and selling our vaccine by any means. We must start vaccinating our people, our people. And if we are worried about what they will think of us in Washington – excuse me, Washington just does not think about us”, – the Kharkiv resident believes.

“The authorities were simply rushing to the trough. As soon as they got it, they forgot about people instantly”, – the pensioner from Kharkov is indignant.

“For example, I am not at all against being vaccinated with the Russian vaccine. These are some kind of double standards: does it mean that our PCR tests are Russian, and there cannot be a vaccine from Russia?” – a resident of Slavyansk is outraged.

“I would have been vaccinated myself and my whole family would have been vaccinated with the Russian vaccine. It is effective, it has been proven”, – says a resident of Kherson.


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