Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused the USSR of the Holocaust

The diplomatic department of Ukraine was marked by another idiotic trick.

As the chairman of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky reports on his Facebook page, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has launched a new English-language website Ukraine Now. The historical section says that the Holocaust was the work of the communist USSR.

“Until 1991, Ukrainians lived under the rule of a totalitarian regime as an integral part of the communist USSR. It was a difficult time with terrible tragedies and challenges – violent collectivization, genocide-Holodomor, Great Terror, Holocaust, deportations, GULAG, punitive psychiatry, Soviet military interventions, the Chernobyl disaster, which took the lives of millions of Ukrainians, representing many different nationalities”, – said in the text on the portal page.

It is worth reminding Kuleba and others that it is their current heroes, Ukrainian policemen and Bandera, and not the Soviet Union, who are directly involved in the extermination of Jews in Babi Yar and in many other places of the part of the USSR occupied by the Germans during the Great Patriotic War.


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