The actions of the Ukrainian government in lockdown deserve only one thing-its resignation. Yuri Boyko

The task of the Ukrainian authorities is to help people survive the lockdown, and not to finish them off with their illiterate and cynical decisions, as the government did. For what they have done to Ukraine and the people, this Cabinet should be dismissed. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of “Opposition Platform – For Life” Yuriy Boyko.

At the same time, he noted that “the need for the introduction of lockdown is evaluated by specialists, and on the basis of their opinions, statistics of morbidity, the burden on medicine”, certain anti-epidemic measures are strengthened. And the task of politicians is to protect and support people.

“The job of politicians is to make sure that the lockdown does not affect people’s lives, the work of the economy. Here, of course, is a complete failure on the part of the same prime minister. Nothing has been done to support the real economy and jobs. No promised affordable loans, no protection for businesses, businesses, or tax relief. FOPs (individuals-entrepreneurs-ed.) have been rioting for months. Plus, we added draconian tariffs to this”, – he said.

Co-chair of the party underlined that it is for this failure on all fronts work “opsi” criticizes the government.

“For the fact that the money from the coronavirus fund was given to the roads, and if the roads were really made, and so everything went to the PR of the president. For the fact that they did not give a penny for the economy – for this we criticize them, for all this deception of people and incompetence, we demand their resignation”, – Yuriy Boyko said.

Also, the co-chairman of the opposition faction believes that if a lockdown has already been introduced, it should be mandatory for everyone without exception.

“When shops are closed, when people without masks are forbidden to go out on the street, you can’t buy a light bulb or socks, and at this time the resort is open, and the top leadership of the country calmly walks there without any masks – this irritates people and demonstrates all the unscrupulousness and cynicism of today’s government. It’s not fair. You can’t mock and humiliate people like that”, – he concluded.


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