Vaccination of medical workers with Sputnik V begins in Belarus

The Ministry of Health has distributed the vaccine by regions in accordance with the applications of health care institutions.

The vaccination of health workers at risk with the Russian drug “Sputnik V” begins in Belarus on Tuesday. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health.

“Today, the vaccination of Belarusian health workers who are at risk begins. Health care institutions received batches of Sputnik V vaccines. <…> First of all, 2,285 health workers in Minsk, 3,460 Brest region, 3,260 – Vitebsk, 4,365 will be vaccinated. Gomel, 1 735 Grodno, 1 610 Mogilev, 2 485 Minsk region”, – said in the message. In addition, about 800 doses are provided for medical workers of republican institutions.

The press service explained that the Ministry of Health has distributed the vaccine to the regions in accordance with the applications of health care institutions. At the same time, the department stressed that all issues of compliance with the cold chain have been worked out.

Since October 1, volunteers have been vaccinated with Sputnik V as part of post-registration studies in Belarus, and after that the republic became the first state after Russia where this vaccine is officially registered. At the end of December, the Ministry of Health of the republic announced that the first batch of the Russian drug had been delivered to the country. The ministry said that first the vaccine will receive the vulnerable categories of the population. At the first stage of vaccination with Sputnik V, it is planned to vaccinate 200 thousand people.

Earlier, the Minister of Health of Belarus Dmitry Pinevich said that the real picture of the spread of coronavirus in the republic was more optimistic than predicted, but the high level of infection will remain until the end of spring. The Ministry of Health also said that 1.2 million people are planned to be vaccinated against coronavirus in the country by the end of spring 2021. The deliveries of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus are determined from January to March, and from February to March, it is expected that joint production of the vaccine will begin in Belarus.


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