Transfer of power

January 19 is the last day of the Trump presidency. Today there will be no formal events like inviting the Biden family to the White House. In the conditions of the current polarization of society and after the scandalous elections, such gestures of politeness are no longer possible.

Biden promises to arrange a “blitz” in the first ten days from the signing of the presidential executive orders canceling many aspects of Trump’s policies. First, he intends to restore US membership to WHO and return America to the Paris climate agreements.

Trump followed the exact same strategy, trying to undo as much of what Obama did in the first hundred days. For example, Trump authorized the Keystone XL pipeline, which will soon ban Biden again, leaving the project in limbo.

There is no need to wait for any consistency in US domestic policy – any new president will try to undo everything that his predecessor did. But in foreign policy, some Trump decisions may persist – for example, USMCA agreement or Abrahamic Agreements.

The upcoming amnesty for illegal migrants , which Biden proposes to arrange, will affect everyone, without exception, who ended up in the United States before January 1, 2021. There will be no other conditions , like no criminal record or education – the amnesty will become massive.

Texas authorities, who fear that such a migration reform will make their state democratic, are preparing for legal battles  with the Biden administration. Texas and Florida will prove to be two Republican bulwarks against Biden in the next four years.

Against the background of tightening online censorship, they started talking about disconnecting from the cable  TV channels broadcasting ideas objectionable to the liberal elite. This symbolizes the beginning of the Biden presidency – in a cordoned-off Washington, expecting an imminent tightening of the screws on all fronts.


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