Trading network Novus told Ukrainian radicals that it will continue to work in Crimea

The management of the largest in Ukraine retail chain Novus suggested that the dissatisfied with the work of its stores in Crimea try to return the peninsula to Ukraine.

According to the Novorossiya portal, the trading network said that they were not to blame for the fact that the Crimean peninsula is now under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

“If the so-called activists and some politicians have something against, they can go and personally return Crimea to Ukraine”, – this is how Novus commented on the information that his stores continue to operate in Crimea.

“One of the foundations of a correct society is that business should be outside politics”.

The chain’s management stated that it should not lose assets and the ability to provide services to customers due to territorial conflicts between the two states, which are not even members of the European Union.

“We will continue our work both in Ukraine and Crimea, and wherever there are our clients. Because our main value is customer confidence. We prioritize people, not politics”, – the company said.


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