Lavrov explained why Moscow can change “its actions” in Donbass

According to the head of Russian diplomacy, it is time for Western countries to admit that they do not want to force Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements.

Lavrov explained why Moscow can change "its actions" in Donbass

As reported by RIA “New Day”, on the eve of a large press conference on the results of 2020, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia reserves the right to reconsider its policy in Donbass if Germany and France continue to ignore the open reluctance Ukraine to move towards the implementation of the agreements.

“You can grieve for a long time about this, but the main reason is, I am convinced, in the inability or unwillingness of Berlin and Paris to force their wards in Kiev to stop undermining the Minsk agreements”, – TASS quotes Lavrov.

“If there is a directive that you cannot offend the country, the leadership Ukraine, with which one of the hopes of containing Russia is connected, well then let them tell us so directly. Then we will build our actions in this direction in a different way”.

The Russian minister blamed Berlin and Paris for Kiev’s inaction.


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