Donald Trump’s new life

Tomorrow Donald Trump will fly out of Washington as president, and land in Florida already in ex-status. And a new life will begin…

Donald Trump's new life

Most of his predecessors went into a quiet retirement – playing golf, writing books, memoirs, speaking at conferences, doing housework. Trump’s future is vague, everything unusual begins at 12 o’clock – the moment of transfer of powers. He will become the first president since Andrew Johnson in 1869 to refuse to attend the inauguration of a successor.

Further – impeachment, loss of the opportunity to be elected – these issues will be decided in the Senate. Other court cases are not excluded – due to allegations of electoral fraud and possible incitement to riots. But Donald Trump, being a businessman, did not get out of such troubles. Bankruptcies, courts, debts – all this he had already gone through. And even if we do not take into account the problems that have piled up, a quiet life after resignation does not look like an active Trump.

After the election, he planned to make a comeback in 2024. The experts rated the chances as high. Despite the loss, Trump received a whopping 74 million votes – more than four years ago. He could become the ideological mastermind of the Republican Party, or eventually help his children with political careers. But January 6 changed a lot. The Red Party was on its way to a split. A record number – 10 people in the House of Representatives voted for the impeachment of a party member. In the Senate, some Republicans are also ready to go against Trump, and large donors refuse to transfer money.

But Trump was not liked by many even 4 years ago. He is a stranger to the Washington swamp that he wanted to drain, he does not play by the rules established there, and can only rely on his family and those to whom he pays. Nevertheless, political scientists believe that all is not lost. The overwhelming majority of Republicans are still on his side, desperately defended him in the House of Representatives, and the followers of his views and politicians did not dissolve, but hid.

But if Trump is still denied access to power, he will not be left without work. He already has books, it will not be difficult to write another one. Of course, there may be problems with publishers – they will not want to work with the rebel. So, one of them canceled the printing of the book of a Republican senator who tried to challenge Biden’s victory in the elections. But business is business. And Trump can bring in much more money than even Obama. It will not only be read by fans. But also those who hate. It’s the same on television. There are many more potential viewers for his show than supporters. Trump can make ratings, all that remains is to find a TV channel that wants to use it.

But there is another topic – social media. It can be assumed that for Trump this is more than a problem, it is a personal tragedy.

An ordinary user, even if he is blocked, can always return under a different name. Trump cannot. The largest blogger in the world has lost more than 80 million subscribers, the history of his career and political decisions – after all, they were indeed often voiced on Twitter. There he was given a life ban. Facebook returned the page, but everything that appears there now will be checked letter by letter. This means that you will not be able to speak freely. The official Trump 2020 mobile app remains, but it still won’t get the message across to the masses as effectively as it did on Twitter. And this is already a reason for Trump to go to court as an ordinary citizen to protect his constitutional rights.

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