Attempts to protest in Kiev against violence by right-wing extremists

Today, January 19, in Kiev, on Kontraktova Square near the monument to Petr Sagaidachny, an attempt was made to hold a protest action against violence by right-wing extremists. Protesters were detained by police for violating quarantine restrictions.

“Every year on this day, the world honors the memory of journalist Anastasia Baburova. This date is a reason to recall the crimes of the ultra-right in Ukraine. We believe that impunity for right-wing extremists will have tragic consequences for society. Over the past year in Kiev on Podol, the ultra-right attacked feminists, LGBT people, minors, whose appearance the attackers did not like. They threaten activists, publish our personal information with calls for violence, lie in wait for us at our homes and attack with a numerical superiority. Such violence is normalized thanks to organizations like the Municipal Guard, which includes the ultra-right from the C14”, – the organizers of the protest said.

The protesters tried to stand around the monument to Pyotr Sagaidachny with posters with their slogans and announced that they were holding single pickets. The protesters were immediately detained by police for violating quarantine restrictions.


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