US National Guard may side with Trump right on Biden’s inauguration day

Thousands of National Guard fighters will provide security at Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Now this can be a problem.

As News Front reported, for several days the American capital has been living in conditions close to martial law. The streets of the city are blocked, the subway is closed, and the concentration of the military is off scale.

The US authorities began to prepare for the inauguration a week before the ceremony. Given the fact that many Americans question Biden’s legitimacy and are organizing mass protests in this regard, 15,000 National Guard fighters were transferred to Washington. According to some reports, on the day of the inauguration, 25 thousand fighters will already be on duty in the capital. True, now another threat has arisen.

Officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation seriously fear a riot in the ranks of the National Guard. The Bureau believes that the concentration of such a number of armed soldiers in Washington may become an even bigger problem than the protesters. It is not excluded that the military will go over to Trump’s side.

In this regard, the FBI urgently checks the fighters for loyalty. The names of the military are “chased” through the databases of the intelligence services, as well as watch lists in search of suspicious factors. Such, for example, are considered to be appearing in investigations and connections with terrorism. The procedure will take place until January 20.


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