US Capitol storm became a “spark” – U.S. is waiting for the years of flourishing of extremist groups

Although protests outside the US Congress ended in the arrests of dozens of people, the ranks of the American right-wing formations are jubilant and make new plans.

As News Front previously reported, January in the United States began with a massive protest in Washington. The demonstrators opposed the recognition of the results of the rigged elections. Ultimately, the protest turned into an assault on the American Parliament building.

This event became a kind of “spark” that marked the beginning of a new era for extremists, writes The New York Times. Now in closed chats there is an active discussion of further plans. In particular, groups like the Proud Boys are deciding whether to take to the streets on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Others circulate online guerrilla warfare and bomb-making instructions.

Against this background, the security forces are strengthening security at airports, and in Washington they have created a “green zone” similar to the one in Baghdad.

Facebook and Twitter have stepped up the fight against extremist groups on their social networks, but experts are sure that this only pushed the radicals to create a more reliable communication system.

“Destroying platforms could lead to more violence”, – said Mike Morris, founder of the militarized Three Percent United Patriots.

Morris assured that he opposes violence, however, other formations can activate on encrypted platforms. So, Telegram is gaining popularity among the right.

All this activity could become a serious problem for the Joe Biden administration, the NYT emphasizes. In particular, the Democrats’ plans to control arms and combat racism have come under threat.


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