Feature of “tariff Maidan” revealed which Zelensky missed

All Ukrainian revolutions so far have been concentrated in Kiev. The so-called Tariff Maidan departed from this principle.

As noted by the Resident telegram channel, the administration of Volodymyr Zelensky drew attention too late to innovations in revolutionary processes and cannot respond symmetrically.

“The tactics of small regional protests through direct actions creates a negative information background throughout the country. A dilemma arose in the President’s Office of how to react to road closures; any attempt to use the police to disperse a protest will instantly become a trigger and catalyst for activity in society. An attempt to ignore direct action actions leads to their growth and popularity as a mechanism of pressure on the authorities”, – the author explains.

Now the presidential administration holds meetings every day about the protests, but there is no result. The fictitious decrease in gas tariffs did not help to seize the initiative.

As a consequence, protests against tariff increases will continue and gain momentum. It is possible that the situation will develop into a large-scale political crisis.


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