Europe could refuse the American vaccine, but faced pressure

European experts had many questions about the Pfizer vaccine, with its side effects and harsh storage conditions.

The European Medicines Agency has approved the massive use of the American-made drug amid news of the “British” mutation of the coronavirus. The approval took place despite the numerous side effects of the vaccine.

The first country to allow vaccination with Pfizer was the UK. The first side effects also appeared there. Allergy sufferers faced problems, and in the end they were even advised to refrain from vaccinations. Since then, problems with the drug have arisen in Germany, Israel and Greece. In the US, the vaccine has killed at least 55 people.

The European Medicines Agency has approved the use of a pressurized vaccine, Le Monde reports, citing confidential regulatory documents. As it turned out, some EU officials insisted on approving the drug, ignoring the problematic points.

For example, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, delivered an ultimatum to the agency, said one of the department employees. Even the fact that the final formulation of the drug did not match the formulation used in the clinical trials had to be ignored.


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