WP: It has been revealed how many people were involved in the storming of the US Congress

U.S. newspaper The Washington Post reported that at least 300 rioters entered the building during the storming of the U.S. Congress

The publication’s analysts studied “text messages, photographs and hundreds of videos, some of which were obtained exclusively” and were able to reconstruct the sequence of events.

“WP used a facial recognition algorithm to calculate that at least 300 rioters were present in footage taken inside the Capitol as police tried to evacuate lawmakers. The algorithm in question, the newspaper explains, helps distinguish people’s faces but does not identify them. “The actual number [of rioters who stormed into Congress] is likely larger because the footage analyzed by The Washington Post does not capture everyone who was in the building”, –  WP told the paper.

Recall that on 6 January, supporters of incumbent US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC to prevent the confirmation of the presidential election results. Police used tear gas and riot gear to restrain the protesters. Congressmen and senators were urgently evacuated. A few hours later, however, the session resumed and the US Congress confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as president-elect.


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