US prepares for Biden’s inauguration: Prison security measures tightened

Additional security measures have been introduced at the country’s prisons in the US, the US Federal Bureau of Prisons has said


According to a press release circulated, prisoners’ contact with family members will be restricted for the immediate future.

“In light of current events in the country <…> a decision has been made to [ensure] security at all facilities. This measure is being taken to maintain the security and orderly functioning of our institutions and to ensure the uninterrupted safety of our staff, inmates and the public”, –  it said. The bureau added that those serving their sentences “will be given access to telephone and email”.

CBS television also explains that in addition to the visiting ban, the restrictions imposed mean that inmates will not be allowed to leave their cells for most of the day.

The bureau’s statement stresses that the decision to impose the said measures has not been taken due to any specific information received. “These actions are a precautionary measure and do not represent a response to any significant events taking place inside our facilities”, –  the statement said. The agency also expressed hope that the additional restrictions would be in place for a “short period of time”.

The Bureau of Prisons does not specify exactly what “national events” the restrictions are related to, but US media point out that the statement was circulated a few days before the inauguration of US President-elect Joseph Biden. It will be held on 20 January in Washington. In light of this, the competent US authorities have been stepping up security measures in the capital city in recent days. A large part of the city centre adjacent to the White House and Congress has already been blocked off to vehicular traffic. Capitol Hill is cordoned off and there is no access for the general public there for a few days already. In addition, about 25,000 US National Guardsmen will have arrived in Washington by 20 January.


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