Russian vaccine could quell coronavirus pandemic – Monde diplomatique

Experts from the French newspaper Monde diplomatique believe that the Sputnik V vaccine, which has been created in Russia, is capable of stopping the coronavirus pandemic

The author of the article, Federico Cusco, believes that the Sputnik V vaccine is the result of a chain of scientific developments in Russia. According to him, the West has been extremely ignorant of Russian achievements and is therefore now “surprised” by the creation of an effective Russian drug.

“Unlike countries such as the US, as well as the European Union, where pharmaceutical laboratories impose their drugs at astronomical prices, Russia is not chasing the money”, –  the expert stresses.

Kusko also noted that now the Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V is distributed worldwide, and perhaps in 50 years no one will even remember the suspicions of the West about the drug.

The Russian vaccine against Sputnik V coronavirus has been registered as the first in the world. The drug was developed by the Gamaleya Research and Development Centre. The vaccine is based on a proven platform of human adenovirus vectors, which makes the drug safe and effective.


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