It has become known which executive orders Biden will issue on the first day of his presidency

Democrat Joe Biden, who is set to take over the White House on Wednesday, plans to sign about a dozen different executive orders right on Inauguration Day

The documents will cover both domestic and foreign policies, Biden’s future chief of staff, Ron Klein, said in a memo that was leaked to the media.

On Wednesday, 20 January, the 46th president of the United States will join the Paris climate agreement, lift the ban on travel to some Muslim countries, extend the moratorium on evictions and require people to wear medical masks when travelling between states.

Most of the first day’s orders represent a rejection of Donald Trump’s policies. In particular, Biden will introduce an immigration bill that would make millions of illegals eligible for US citizenship. Admittedly, this document will have to be brought before Congress.

At the same time, Biden has decided to continue Trump’s protectionist policies. Thus, his list of priority measures includes an order to the government to give preference to American-made goods when purchasing.


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