Expert: US and NATO air forces practice attack on Crimea during exercise

Military aircrafts of the alliance member states carried out joint exercises


According to military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky, this way the Air Force worked out a possible attack on the Crimea, reports MK.

“The drills that took place are an unconcealed signal. They were practicing the use of high-precision AGM-158 JASSM missiles. These air-to-ground missiles are designed to hit key enemy military infrastructure: headquarters, radar stations, military units and so on. They are designed using electronic defence technology to bypass enemy air defences and can change their trajectory. In short, very serious weaponry. In the Black Sea water area there is only one target which they can probe – Crimea”, –  the expert believes.

According to Mikhailovsky, the aircraft “play on the nerves of air defense systems” and probe them. And the recent exercises are proof that the North Atlantic Alliance will increase its presence near Russian borders.


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