Russia-US relations will remain extremely cold in the near future

According to the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, the new US administration will continue its anti-Russian policy

In an article on the TASS website published on Saturday, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said relations between Moscow and Washington will remain extremely cold with the arrival of the new US administration, which will continue its anti-Russian policy.

“And now we expect nothing but the continuation of the harsh anti-Russian policy”, –  the Security Council deputy chairman said, referring to the upcoming inauguration of US President-elect Joseph Biden, adding that in his view, “in the coming years, relations between Russia and the US are likely to remain extremely cold.”

In Medvedev’s assessment, “it is much more likely that the US will consistently pursue an anti-Russian policy”.

“In recent years, the trajectory of relations between Moscow and Washington has been on a downward trajectory, no matter who is in charge of the White House”, –  said the deputy head of the Security Council.

Nevertheless, Medvedev said that “Russia is ready to work with any US president, ready to restore cooperation in a variety of areas.


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