CDU chief candidate Lachet pledged to protect Germany from right-wing extremism

Former head of the parliamentary faction Friedrich Merz and Norbert Röttgen, head of the Bundestag’s international affairs committee, are also candidates

Germany must guard against right-wing extremism and hate speech in society. German Prime Minister Armin Lachet, a candidate to head the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said on Saturday.

Speaking to Conservative congress delegates, he recalled the recent events in Washington when protesters stormed the US Congress building. “Many people think that can’t happen here, but here too we saw imperial flags on the steps of the Bundestag,” he said. The politician was referring to last year’s events in Berlin during protests against coronavirus restrictions, when demonstrators, among them right-wingers, climbed over the fence in front of the parliament building and climbed the steps.

“We will not allow right-wing terrorists and warmongers to break our country”,  –  Lachet said.


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