Article 30 of the “mova law” came into force today

The document stipulates that all service providers, regardless of their form of ownership, are obliged to serve consumers in the Ukrainian language

As Ukrayinska Pravda writes, January 16, Article 30 of the language law came into force and obliges all service providers in Ukraine to communicate with customers exclusively in the state language, unless a consumer specifically requests otherwise.

“This applies to supermarkets, online shops, cafes, banks, petrol stations, pharmacies, etc. Producers and sellers in Ukraine are obliged to provide consumers with information on goods, works or services in the state language. But such information may be duplicated in any other language. At this, only at the request of a client, a service provider or merchant may provide service in another language”, – the statement says.

In case of violations by employees of services and companies, every citizen will be able to appeal to Ombudsman for the Protection of the State Language Taras Kremin. In case of systematic violations of the language legislation, the violators will be fined.


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