A Crimean man spoke about pensions in Crimea, comparing the standard of living of the Russian peninsula with Ukraine

The call of an ordinary Crimean pensioner to the studio of Ukrainian TV had the effect of an exploding bomb

According to newsland.com, a pro-Ukrainian pensioner from Crimea named Leonid, who got through to Ukrainian TV, told the experts in the studio and who joined in the video link format about the utility rates in Russia and compared them with the prices for similar services in Ukraine, and said that he had to forget about his desire to return to Ukrainian territory, as he would not survive on the modest money of local pensioners.

“I would like to move, but how will I live there on 1,700 hryvnias?”, –  said Leonid, asking a rhetorical question.

According to him, living in Russian Crimea, he and his wife together receive about 20,000 rubles of pension and pay only about 3,000 rubles for all utility bills, while in Ukraine they would have to give up to one and a half pensions to pay for utilities.

“The only reason I can’t move to Ukraine is because I won’t survive there”, –  the nostalgic Crimean resident remarked.

But most of all, the Crimean pensioner’s stories provoked indignation from Vadim Trukhan, a Ukrainian political expert known, among others, for his Russian talk shows. The most interesting thing is that Trukhan was not outraged by the catastrophic situation with the housing and utilities tariffs in Ukraine, but by how it looks against the background of the “occupied” Crimea. Such “zrada” the political scientist could not stand it.

“He tells us that ‘I live in paradise here and you live in hell there!”,  – Trukhan emotionally commented on the situation.


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